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In the world of Noblan, there is a country called Fyne. Fyne consists of several tiny villages, farms, and the capital of Zanath.

One of these villages, Blain, has been recently finding livestock dead in their corrals. They were torn to shreds, barely recognizable as the cows and swine they once were. Most of the muscle and entrails were missing, as if consumed by some horrible creature. Obviously this is an issue, as these ranchers are a primary food source for Fyne; missing livestock and frustrated ranchers means lower yield of meat and milk.

The city of Fyne, on the other hand, has its own share of problems. People have been found dead in their homes, on the streets, and in the canals running through the city. Not just ‘worthless’ commoners, no; even nobles have been found slain in their mansions. And the mode of death is the stranger thing; the only damage to the body is two puncture wounds on the neck—not to mention the complete lack of blood in the corpse.

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